Data Solutions and Integration

NarcWorksNarcotics Management system

NarcWorks is a complete management system for narcotics officers. NarcWorks can provide records tracking from the initial tipster's call all the way through the legal process including the destruction of evidence. NarcWorks has been developed by narcotics officers from the ground up and is fully capable of assisting any size agency with complete narcotics case management.

NarcWorks is the solution to manage the complicated activities and fund tracking for a narctoics investigation. NarcWorks provides secure data encryption with enhanced and customizable reporting.

NarcWorks can assist agency officers and management (based on permissions) with Confidential Informant's activites and transactions, Narcotic's Special Fund transactions, Narcotic's Evidence Tracking, officer inventory, photo lineups and other custom agency needs.

NarcWorks is easy to use, and secure. Your users can access information 24/7 and see only the data you want them to. Plus - our robust reports & search features lets them see the data just the way they want it.

NarcWorks proudly offers 24/7 support for the first year at no additional charge




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